The Method

Pre-School Department

The method in pre-school department is highly individualized. Each child learns according to his own pace and interest. This method is very effective in teaching Reading, Writing, and Mathematical skills at the very young age of three. In addition to this, the method helps the fast-learning pupils to study lessons far more advanced for their age while providing plenty of time and space for an average learner to cope with the rudiments of pre-school academics.

Preschool classrooms are decorated along age appropriate themes and have cubbies that store the children’s personal belongings. There are large areas for group circle time, supplies and artwork. Classrooms also feature special activity corners equipped with materials for self-directed, teacher-facilitated learning. Children are encouraged to work in small groups to foster cooperative communication skills or individually to strengthen problem-solving ability. Some examples of the chosen themes are the building block area, dramatic play corner, math, art, and the language skills corner.


Grade School Department

Fast-learner pupils are give additional advance workload to further enhance their mental potential. On the other hand, average learners are given special classes for remedial. Furhtermore, due to the flexibility of our curriculum, our teacher can sit with the average learner during regular class to help him out with the lessons.

The Elementary classrooms are visually attractive and are instructionally sound.

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