Vision and Mission

School Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our school vision is to provide academic excellence and spiritual development in a heavenly home.

To achieve our vision,  D’ Archangels’ Ark Academy will:

(1)create a stimulating environment that will facilitate growth of the child’s intellectual,  physical,  social and emotional abilities

(2)maintain a safe, warm ,  and cheerful environment where children can explore a variety of actual materials and learning experiences suited to their level for them to effectively learn  and

(3) empower children to adjust and cope with life situation and the demands of higher education.

In support of our vision-mission statements,  the following core values will be observed at all times:  excellence,  dedication,  commitment,  integrity.

Thank you for choosing  D’ Archangels’ Ark Academy; we look forward to helping your child mold his or her future and eventually give leadership and service to society.

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