In the aim to realize the educational philosophy, mission statement, goals, and objectives and the Department of Education academic requirement, D’Archangels’ Ark Academy offers a comprehensive and developmental curricular program from pre-school, and grade school levels.

The curriculum follows the standards of the Department of Education, but transcends them. The school also adopts Montessori curriculum in Language, Math, Geometry, History, Zoology, Botany, and Zoology. Teachers submit lesson plans weekly, and the directress checks for age and material appropriateness. The curriculum is reviewed continuously at all levels to ensure a natural flow of the material from one class to the next. Students benefits from the content of their classes, and will also learn transferable skills such as paying attention to details, appropriate behavior, following instructions, and developing personal style.

Through the unique learning techniques of DAA, the academic program aspires to equip the pupils with necessary skills and competencies that would make them life-long learners, globally-competitive individuals, and socially responsive members of the society. Guided by the principles of learning, the school environment promotes the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual growth of the learners, who find meanings and enduring understanding of concepts and ideas and efficiently use this information and experiences in their daily realities and for the general good of the community at large.

Pre-school Curriculum

Grade School Curriculum

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