Grade School Curriculum

Language Arts

Our curricular areas include English which is inclusive of language arts, reading, phonics, and spelling. Children are exposed to a literacy rich environment: thus, allowing them to cultivate meaning out of written texts. Through our shared reading experiences, students are required to read a minimum of four classical books throughout the academic year.


Our Mathematics curriculum is focused on real life math. We use Math textbooks to guide our children into the world of math. Teachers also use supplemental books and other materials to enhance their students learning.


A special Montessori based geometry curriculum is given to all grade school children to help them have an understanding of spatial and linear relationships.


Our Filipino curriculum follows the prescribed lessons of the Department of education for every grade level.


The inquisitive world of Science is investigated through their textbooks in class and one period per week in the Science lab. We expose our students to Science in action.

Botany and Zoology

Children are exposed to the world of plants and animals through their Botany and Zoology classes.

Social and Cultural Studies

Our Social and Cultural Studies curriculum is an innovative curricular strategy that we developed to expose our students to the best of both worlds. Our Social Studies curriculum follows the Department of Education requirements for each grade level.

History and Geography

Our History and Geography Curriculum exposes students to a wide range of people from different origins, including Africa, Asia, South America, China, Japan, the Caribbean and India.


Our MAPE curriculum includes Music and Arts Appreciation classes. They begin with the children’s exposure to world-renowned composers, singers and painters. Organized PE classes are held to stimulate their interest in sports.

Computer Instruction

Our Computer instructional program includes educational software that reviews the material taught in class.


The school respects and believes the spiritual freedom and beliefs of each child. However, lessons in religion based on the Catholic faith shall be given emphasis.


Homework is assigned daily. Parents are required to check their son/daughter’s homework everyday. This is a part of our collaborative parent-teacher working relationship.

Character Development

Character Development is a part of our hidden curriculum. Children are reminded to practice good manners. They must address their peers, adults, and visitors politely. Children are reminded to ask politely for their wants or needs; similarly, acknowledge others with “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” Students are also asked to consider other people’s feelings; they should not talk negatively about other students.

Enrichment Activities

It involves the instruction in the use of musical instruments, folk and modern, and social dances and theatre.

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