Admission Policy of D’Archangels’ Ark Academy

1. Admission is selective. DAA reserves the right to refuse acceptance or re-admission to any pupil/student whose behavior or academic standing is at variance with the vision-mission of the school.

2. Only pupils/students with satisfactory academic qualifications as well as intellectual ability, of good moral standing and with a socially-acceptable personality will be considered candidates for admission.

3. All pupil/student applicants should have a general average of 83%.

4. The pupil/student’s registration in the school is considered an expression of his/her willingness to abide by all its rules and regulations.

5. Only applicants with pertinent DOCUMENTS will be entertained.

6. Pupils/Students will be admitted to the different levels on a “FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED BASIS”

7. Pupils/Students with special needs may be accepted provided an official certification from a specialist with their specific needs and intervention given is submitted.

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